Gray Foundation awards $25M for BRCA-related cancer research

From Health Pulse Newsletter in Crain’s New York Business (08/11/2023) The Gray Foundation, a Midtown-based nonprofit that aims to expand BRCA-related cancer research, announced Thursday that it has awarded $25 million for seven research teams to study gene mutations that increase risk of cancer. Women who have a BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation are at […]

The Gray Foundation Announces $25 Million in New Funding for BRCA-Related Cancer Research

The Gray Foundation today announced $25 million in funding for 7 research teams to study new approaches for prevention, early detection, and interception of BRCA-related cancers. The new grants are part of the Foundation’s ongoing Team Science program, which funds innovative BRCA-related collaborative research. For this cycle, the research teams were selected from more than […]

The next big advance in cancer treatment could be a vaccine

After decades of limited success, scientists say research has reached a turning point, with many predicting more vaccines will be out in five years. In Philadelphia, Dr. Susan Domchek, director of the Basser Center at Penn Medicine, is recruiting 28 healthy people with BRCA mutations for a vaccine test. Those mutations increase the risk of […]

Gray Foundation Hosts New UNCF Gray NYC Scholars Attending HBCUs

On June 26, 2023, UNCF (United Negro College Fund) and the Gray Foundation announced the 2023 high school graduates selected to receive scholarships from the UNCF Gray NYC Scholars Program. Funded with a $3 million grant from the Gray Foundation, the program helps underrepresented New York City students from low-income backgrounds attend and earn their […]

She’s Going Into 6th Grade and Already Saving for College

A New York City program encourages children to save from kindergarten. Caileigh is one of nearly 3,300 rising sixth graders who were given their own college savings accounts for the 2017-18 academic year, when Caileigh entered kindergarten. Collectively, they have banked $1.26 million for college in NYC Scholarship Accounts since then. That works out to an […]

Blackstone’s Jon Gray Gives $3 Million to Fund Scholarships at HBCUs

A foundation created by Blackstone Inc. President Jon Gray and his wife Mindy is partnering with the United Negro College Fund to create scholarships for New Yorkers to attend historically Black colleges and universities. Funding will be up to $50,000 a year per student, with UNCF providing guidance on academics, securing internships and exploring career paths. The […]

Dollars and dreams for young New Yorkers

We need to convey to children: believe in yourself, and know that your community believes in you. And: we can prove it. That proof is visible all over the city this month: as more than 70,000 kindergartners receive their free NYC Scholarship Account. The accounts, via the NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program, are […]

We can level the playing field in college admissions

Money remains the biggest obstacle to college; it’s also among the easiest for wealthy New Yorkers to address. Research shows that establishing a college savings fund – even a small one – makes a huge difference in a child’s college prospects. A child with just a few hundred dollars in a college savings account is […]